Net worth review – May 2015

This is it! This is the one! Will we see a positive net worth? Will I need to change the name of my blog? Let’s get right to it… May 2015 April 2015 Cash $5,215.15 $4,712.21 Investments $25,511.44 $24,120.35 Student Loans -$30,366.28 -$30,573.12 Net worth $360.31 -$1,740.56 Gain/Loss $2,100.87 $1,816.87 YTD $9,102.31 $7,001.44 Indeed, I’ve finally hit positive on the

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Are FI and career ambition at odds?

I often read about people seeking/dreaming about FI because they’re miserable in their jobs. They’ve often advanced as far as they’re going to go and have instead devoted their efforts towards retiring as soon as possible. In other cases, they’re looking to simply leave the rat race rather than push onward and upward. Is it a lack of ambition? Have

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Net worth review – April 2015

Another month, another net worth update. As promised, I’m getting this one out late Monday. Anyway, on to the numbers! April 2015 March 2015 Cash $4,712.21 $4,504.44 Investments $24,120.35 $22,757.01 Student Loans -$30,573.12 -$30,818.88 Net worth -$1,740.56 -$3,557.43 Gain/Loss $1,816.87 $2,165.80 YTD $7,001.44 $5,184.57 April wasn’t my thriftiest month as I had a big spend come in for our summer

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The long (savings) slog

Down this road is where I spent all my money on mountain biking.

I’m in a holding pattern right now in between action in terms of retirement savings. Not that I do anything particularly fedora-and-whip exciting. It’s all just save money here and pay down debt there. I’m not expecting to throw someone the idol while I put something into the museum, but the waiting does get a little boring. Of course, that’s part

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Half of Americans have less than $10k in savings

Brutal evidence if I'm doing better than a lot of Americans.

That was an attention-grabbing statement if I ever saw one by Senator Bernie Sanders. The source he was quoting was something called the Employee Benefit Research Institute as part of their 2014 Retirement Confidence Survey. The passage of interest was the following: “About 36% of workers have less than $1,000 in savings and investments that could be used for retirement, not

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Saving for non-retirement goals

My next savings goal?

It seems that I’ve put all of my mental and financial effort towards my retirement goals in the past year-and-a-half. Which is not true at all, but it does feel that way. I can say that I haven’t put much effort into non-retirement, non-debt related goals. It might be a little early in the process to be thinking in this

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